Bag of treats

Happy All Hallow's Eve! To celebrate, here is an assortment of dark, goth, eerie, fantastic, morbid, and spooky links. Enjoy!


Deviled Ham is a great blog featuring all devils, all the time. Vintage art and new showing the devil in all sorts of guises.

Zombie Eat Brains is a very funny personal journal straight from the brain of a very hungry zombie with a one-track mind.


Day Off the Dead at AtomFilms, the romantic adventures of a skeleton in the Land of the Dead.

Spook, a short, cute animation about a little ghost girl who wants her teddy bear.

Tales of the Scarecrow, a Flash animation about a kid who messes with a scarecrow and gets in a lot of trouble.

Eat Your Peas, a scary tale about a reluctant boy and a plateful of evil peas.

The Tell-Tale Heart, the 1953 animated classic retelling of Poe's tale of horror. Beautiful film.

Lenore: The Cute Little Dead Girl, a twisted series from the mind of Roman Dirge.

Neurotically Yours, an animated series about a jaded goth girl and her hyperactive some-kind-of-creature (cat? Squirrel?) sidekick.


The Monster Engine is a neat site where artist Dave Devries takes children's drawings of monsters and turns them into fully-rendered, realistic monster portraits.

The Unfortunate Animal of the Month Club is one of the cool features at Morbid Tendencies, a site chock full of dark, morbid sculptures and other art, often using ex-live things as material. For a fee, the artist will send you your very own Unfortunate Animal, a plush toy subjected to any of a number of freakish, unfortunate mutilations and metamorphoses. Personally, I like the aliens.


HALLOWEEN, a cute kids' flash game in which you must explore a haunted house and save your family, who have been turned into pumpkins. In French only.

Daelindor: The Dark Castle is a short exploration game in html format.

On a hike through the foothills of some ancient mountains on the Continent, you and your friends venture into a dark and silent forest. Quite unexpectedly, you find yourself in the midst of long-forgotten ruins - the remnants of an age-old castle.

While your friends play hide-and-seek between the broken and overgrown walls, you suddenly slip and slide down into a ravine. As you get back onto your feet, you find yourself in front of the gaping entrance to an old mine...

Virtual Curry's Haunted Castle is a Halloween-themed romp through a typical haunted house, with cheesy sound effects and all. Cute and fun.

In The Dead Case, you are a ghost who has lost his memory, and you must investigate to discover what has happened.

Cauchemars: Les aventures is another cute kids' flash game in which you are a young boy who must make it through the frightening landscape of the nightmare world. In French only.

Jinx Episode 1: "Dark and Stormy Night" is yet another very cute Halloween-themed game. You are a little kid in a ghost costume exploring a spooky mad scientist's house. The game is pretty simple, but fun.

For more, you may wish to visit some of my previous posts:

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There now. Like a bulging bag of Halloween candy, that should be plenty of goodies to last you the rest of the year!

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Anonymous orangeguru:

Wow! Great posting ... where did you find all that stuff!!! ;-)

Blogger pk:

Great post! But I want coke, not tea.

Thanks for posting the devilled ham link - last few times I'd looked there it wouldn't load so I tossed the linky. They have their niche covered!

Anonymous ladysusan:

Now I really want one of those Unfortunate Animals! So many cool things to buy if one had the money...


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