Abandoned places

Today I bring you three incredibly beautiful, haunting, point-n-click explorations of surreal, abandoned places. They're not quite games -- they're interactive, but there aren't really puzzles to solve. I have them filed under the "eye candy" section of my games directory. They are all amazing, and you really must treat yourself and visit.

The Hospital. With the captivating tagline of "Stay a while, stay forever," this is a mélange of doctored and manipulated photos of a crumbling, abandoned hospital, with surreal twists and surprises. There is a bit of a challenge if you try to find the links to the original photos which are hidden in each room. I haven't done it yet, but I think there's a reward for finding them all. Spooky and awesome. In both French and (good) English.

The 99 Rooms. There really are 99 of these single-screen rooms, also manipulated photos of the abandoned factories and warehouses of East Berlin's industrial sector. Painted figures and animations fill the decaying spaces. The goal is simply to find the way to click through each of the 99 rooms to the end. Also very beautiful -- "morbidly-beautiful," as the designers describe it -- with great sound and music.
Update: You can hit SPACE to move through the rooms if your get stuck, or, if you really want one, someone has kindly taken the time to make a walkthrough for all 99 rooms. I didn't think anyone ever would; kudos.

NFH Propaganda. Features a Labyrinth of dark, run-down industrial ruins very similar to The 99 Rooms in term of concept, design, and execution. This one is quite a bit darker and grimmer, a horror version of 99 rooms with ghosts, corpses, torture, murder, body parts, screams...it's creepy and very well-done.

That's just a sample of the latest game links I've found that I'm bursting to share. I think I'll keep posting in categories like this. Up next: Room-escapers.

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Anonymous Becky UK:

On my own....Friday 13th...not a good idea to view propaganda! Great site. Cheers.


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