Five haunted houses

As promised, the next installment of online gaming links: horror games.

The Last Half of Darkness is a well-done, basic haunted house game. The online version is really a demo for the larger game, but it's quite playable and enjoyable on its own.

Exmortis is a very scary game. They suggest playing with lights down and sound up, which I would recommend for a great experience, as long as you have a stern constitution. It's another of those stories where you wake up in the woods and take shelter in a nearby house, where scary stuff starts happening. You see ghosts, discover mutilated bodies, and stumble on arcane secrets. There's a great plot twist at the end, and the game has multiple endings.
Walkthrough at Nordinho forums.

La piedra de Anamara (The Stone of Anamara) is yet another haunted house game. Nice graphics, very slick, with an interesting plot. The atmosphere is suitably bleak and eerie with some really startling moments. The game has several different fullscreen sizes, and is available in English, Spanish, and Italian.
Walkthrough at the Gamershood forum.

Found Lost is decent haunted house game, though less scary than the others. The less realistic graphics detract a bit from the atmosphere. The game is quite short, with only one real puzzle, and a somewhat perplexing ending. The painting at the end is a real painting with an interesting story, though. Find out more about it here.
Get help with the puzzle at the Nordinho thread.

I generally avoid movie tie-ins, but Do You Have a Grudge?, a plug for The Grudge, is notable as mostly just a well-crafted freakout, with some little puzzles along the way. Play this just to be spooked. It's like a thrill ride.

I don't know what's next. Next feature to be decided.

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Blogger black shuck:

Found Lost is an unbelievably lame excuse for a game. It is also bordering on the inexcusable how much attention people have paid to the (so-called) haunted painting in the game. I otherwise really like the Blue Wyvern site, but this shizzle about the painting? Come on! Two people who had some connection with the painting died. People have reported feeling nauseated or possessed (is that how you spell it?) or otherwise unnatural when looking at it. Children have been upset by it (and we all know what masters of emotional restraint children are).

Oh. My. God. Becky. IT MUST BE TRUE!!!

And maybe aliens will land in my back yard and sell me cheap life insurance, or at least probe my anus.

People die by the thousands each year in connection with alcohol, drugs, terrorism, war, firearms, bad decisions behind the wheel, etc. People feel "otherwise unnatural" because of the strain of daily life every frickin' day. But somehow, the "fact" (if you stoop so low as to even acknowledge it in the same sentence as "haunted painting") that two people died... in entirely unexplained circumstances... and then try to imply that it was all because of a painting, stretches credulity to the point of the Psychic Friends Network. I don't suppose it would be much of a news item to suggest that someone who wanted to make some ka-ching off the painting might just possibly maybe sorta kinda invented (that is to say, talked out their a$$) some kind of story to attract interest from the lower half of the bell curve? No, no, no: there was DEFINITELY a painting, and two people DEFINITELY died, so, clearly, um... I think I lost my point... Oh, that's right; there IS no point. Not that the Blue Wyvern site endorses this idea; I just think it's a damn shame that people would rather believe some ridiculous bull feces than actually take half a minute and think. Of course, if they did that, GW wouldn't be president.

Did I say that out loud?

In any case, I really like this site. Peace out.

Anonymous cbeck:

exmortis 2 is out! :) yeah!

Anonymous Anonymous:

i tink Found Lost has got to be one of the dumbest point-click games i ever "played".......

Anonymous Basma:

Thanks, nice & helpful review :)

Blogger bluewyvern:

Yes, sometimes the interactivity and gameplay elements are a bit limited...just think of it as "interactive art" and it will seem much better.

And I agree that haunted paintings and the like are hoo-ha. Fun stories, but I do hope no one is too credulous.


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