Protect the harvest!

Two funky experimental-type Flash games involving warding off unwelcome agricultural pests.

Wombat Tale is a curious sort of non-game. It's 1953, and you are a Russian farmer's son trying to bring in the meager tomato harvest while a gang of freeloading Australian wombats, lured by the promise of delicious, easy food, gobble up all the fruit of your labor. It is especially bad because you move very, very slowly, and can only carry two tomatoes at a time. The game has been interpreted as a commentary on communism, and as a parody of the adventure game genre, as you toil slowly through a seemingly impossible task. There is a way, though.

Hint: don't ignore the fallen tomatoes on the ground. The game has a few bugs which can screw things up. If the farmer retreats to the middle ground and doesn't go offscreen, the wombats won't appear and the game can't be completed. Also, if you harvest all the tomatoes, no more will appear and you will have to restart. And while the character does move slowly -- intentionally so -- I found that he picked up a tiny bit of speed if I decreased the graphic quality. A pity, because this game's imaginative, stylish graphics are what make the whole thing worthwhile.

There is a little useful information in the comments on the game's post at lazylaces, but the tips I've given above should be enough for anyone to finish the game.

A little more engaging is A Murder of Scarecrows at The Skeleton Shop (enter the site and click "play" in the bottom right corner). This is a very nicely done arcade game with Burtonesque, gothic graphics in which you must chase off crows by flinging seeds at the scarecrows to get them to wave their arms around and fend off the birds. If left unmolested for too long, the crows will destroy the scarecrows. It's a clever and fun game mechanic. Don't forget to turn the sound on to get some nice goth music playing.
Via Infocult.

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Blogger Neil:

I remember when these flash games were the equivalent of Pong. Now, they are so sophisticated and beautiful.


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