More on Grimm:

A Blog of Glup gives us a sneak preview of all the action and excitement of the Grimms' lives as it will be portrayed in the movie in an INSIDE SCOOP ON HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER THE BROTHERS GRIMM!!!!!!

Jake's (Heath Ledger) appointment as secretary of Jerome Bonaparte's library in WESTPHALIA! Will's (Matt Damon's) contributions to the Deutsches Wörterbuch, foundation of modern German etymology! Jake's literary endeavors! The publishing of the three-volume DEUTSCHE GRAMMATIK!


Meanwhile, folks at Language Log ponder other scenarios comparable to the mangling of fact in the Grimms' story in Disowning the Brothers Grimm:

Imagine a Life of Noam in which, through the miracle of miniaturization, the heroic Chomsky (played by Brad Pitt in a revealing latex bodysuit) takes a band of brawling adventurers into the deepest recesses of the human brain, to recover bits of the language organ for sale through his start-up company -- a sort of cerebral 21st-century Fantastic Voyage. Appalling.

Or alternatively:

... 200 years from now a movie (or whatever form of mass entertainment they may use) on Spielberg's harrowing attempt to fight off dinosaurs from the Temple of Doom with the help of his loving extra-terrestrial friend.

My original reactions to the movie's trailer here. I should really just see this movie and get it over with already.

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