Looking grimm

Wow. The new Brothers Grimm movie coming out Friday looks really, really bad. I hadn't gotten around to watching the trailer until now, and now I'm pretty depressed. The visuals, which I had figured for a sure thing, aren't even that seductive. Everything looks cartoonish and overblown, like a Halloween haunted house -- huge overdose of atmosphere, when less is usually more. And the goofy, kiddie humor looks walk-outingly awful. I'm not even going to talk about the outrageous myths being perpetrated about the brothers themselves. It's Terry Gilliam and everything, but it looks so damn Disney.


Gilliam, forget this crap and go make Good Omens, dammit.

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Blogger laurenbove:

Oh Pooh. I was hoping it would be fabulous. I really dig Matt.

Blogger laurenbove:

BTW: can you recommend a good online place to purchase white tea w/o paying a fortune??

Anonymous Ladysusan:

I don't know, I've found Terry's record to be a little spotty...on the one hand, there are things like Baron von Munchausen, but then he'll make something like the Fisher King...

Note to Laurenbove: as a tea enthusiast, I would recommend the Tao of Tea for ordering white tea. Their prices start at $3 per ounce for White Peony, and I would say anything too much cheaper than that just won't be any good. Their website is:

Blogger bluewyvern:

Ooh. My first spam comment. Grr. (Deleted now.)

Never seen The Fisher King. I'd still like very much to see it. So far, I haven't really seen anything bad by him, although all I hear about Fisher King is how terrible it is.

Upton Tea is another good, inexpensive supplier. I don't know how they are on white tea, but it can't hurt to check them out. Plus you get a nifty little personalized label on every order -- even small samplers -- which is a nice touch.

Blogger laurenbove:

Thanks people. I will do just that. I've only found major rip off's around here.

It's funny but after posting the post here yesterday, I had a dream about coffee and tea. Specifically, a man making a huge pot of coffee (which I also love) in the office to which I replied, why don't you make tea instead.

It seemed like a bigger thing in the dream.


I've a great recipe for cookies to go w/tea if you're interested.

Blogger bluewyvern:

No, I consider that a quite significant and interesting dream, actually. Cool.

And yes, I'd love to hear the recipe. Do share!

Anonymous Anonymous:

Ooh, I want the recipe too! Can you post it?


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