It's not just a train

I just want to give some props to my favorite subway conductor, whom I had again for my ride home from work yesterday. I sometimes catch him on the odd morning riding the A downtown to Brooklyn. I can always recognize him by his distinctive announcements, which aren't only uncommonly audible, but always delivered in a calm, upbeat, cheery voice that's such a pleasant departure from the usual garbled perfunctory mumbling or angry shouting. Best of all, I love the way he refers to the train as the "Downtown A Express Experience to Far Rockaway," like he's welcoming you to a themepark ride.

You make my day, Favorite Subway Conductor.

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Anonymous Adam:

When I lived in New York I occasionally got a conductor - I think he worked on the B line - who announced at every stop, "Stand a clear the close a doors a pleeeease." With each word his voice dropped an octave so that he started off way up high and hit a deep basso profundo on the "pleeeease."

Blogger CupKate:

I got muddled a few times on my short visit in New York by the mumbling of station names on the subway - it was nice when you could actually understand the odd one! (There is no subway in Tasmania!!)


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