Nine Grow-style games

EYEZMAZE is the home of the original Grow games, including GROW CUBE (the original ver.1), GROW ver.2, GROW ver.3, and, one of my favorites, GROW RPG. There are also the mini-games, with GROW nano ver.0 and vol.1, and the holiday-themed bonus GROW ORNAMENT. The object of these games is to cultivate an object or scene by introducing elements in the correct order, resulting in maximum development. One of the nice features of these games is their adaptability -- rather than simply failing to evolve if you don't provide the correct order, the objects sometimes develop in the wrong ways, making even incorrect sequences interesting, and lending the series a very complete, organic feel. Besides the Grow series, there are also many other wonderful, well-designed games at this ever-expanding, dare I say, rapidly growing site.

Castle is a repost, but I'd say it fits in this category, so do have a look if you haven't already. More hotspot-finding than strategy, but it's very nice looking, and it certainly does grow.

Cityscape is a very nice little game in the Grow tradition, sort of a cross between Grow, Sim City, and Civilization. As mayor of your locality, you must introduce infrasctructure and cultural elements, such as Mining, a Seaport, Surveyors, and Religion, in the correct order in order to develop your town from an empty patch of land into a thriving Cityscape. Nice soundtrack, too.

Next up in the series: AGS (Adventure Game Studio) creations.

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Anonymous Bibi:

I played all of those! The true is: I can't resist. I just didn't like the "style" of Grow Nano.

Anonymous Anonymous:

My favorite is Grow Island!!!!!
Try it

Blogger bluewyvern:

That's a new one...he's very productive, isn't he?

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous Crowa:

Omfg, I just LOVE them all

mainly Grow RPG, that enrolls a cool story :D

Anonymous Anonymous:

Was I the only one that enjoyed grow cube the most

Anonymous Anonymous:

I Have The Solution To All The GROW Games. If You Want Them E-Mail Me At SkittleFanatic@hotmail.com

Anonymous Anonymous:

But do you know the lv.UFO ending 4 grow island, its cool!

Anonymous Annabella Michelle:

I am so addicted to grow- style games! Everyone of them rocks!


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