Seven new Samorost-style games

Previously: Six cool Samorost-style games and Even more Samorost-style games.

Since I've made these posts, more and more games have been appearing in this popular new genre. Here are the ones I've collected so far.

The work of designer Wada Che Nanahiro isn't all that new -- it's been among my favorites for a long time. Originally I was going to classify these as interactive eye candy, but I realized that there is more gameplay substance to them than that, and at least one of them is definitely Samorost-style. That would be TCB Museum ("Things Come up to my Brain," a great name), a whimsical house of wonders you must explore to recover five hidden stars. I love Nanahiro's sketchy nineteenth-century cartoon style, faintly reminiscent of Terry Gilliam's animations.
Walkthrough at the Nordinho forum.

There's also the Treasure Box, which is basically a giant puzzle-machine. Simply solve the puzzles to clear obstacles and allow the ball to progress through the box's Rube Goldbergesque mechanisms. Make it to the end to reveal the treasure. Both these games are simply delightful, and it's a shame I've taken so long to post them.
Walkthrough at lazylaces, btw.

There are two new games out by Kristjan Lutz (creator of Sangar Sabriina, Sabrina in North Pole, and Save the Kiddo). Cross the Cliffs is very short, and uses an unusual control system with different actions, "use" and "get". There aren't very many steps, but the interface is a little tricky, and you may have to resort, as I did, to this ten-step walkthrough (there's a link to the help forum at the top of the game page).
By the way, bonus points to anyone who can identify where the game's intro music was lifted from. I was quite surprised when I heard it.

The other is Indiana Jones and the Sacred Fortune. This one is quite nice. It's a basic, well-done Samorost-style game, with attractive graphics and reasonable puzzles. Some of them must be solved by dragging in addition to point-and-click.
There are walkthroughs for levels 1-4 and levels 5-7 in the game's help thread.

Puzzleland is an enjoyable game with low-key graphics and interesting puzzles, similar to Hapland or Industry. It's one of those where the order of your actions matters, and if you mess things up you'll have to reset.
Here's your walkthrough.

Small Forest Story by Japanese designer Watarigraphic is short, simple, sweet, and cute. There's not too much hard stuff to figure out, and some small furry animals and nicely painted speckly scenery. Play.

I suppose that Castle isn't really a game. Click on the landscape to make a castle and its surroundings grow out of the ground, and just keep searching for the hotspots to make the scene develop and evolve. It's really very charming. You can even play around with the intro while it's loading.
Via Ursi's Blog.

Up next: Text Adventures and Interactive Fiction.

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Anonymous Esc:

Came across your wonderful blog site nearly a week ago while searching for adventure style games. (I'd only recently found Samorost.) Found them, and so much more. Great photography and art sites, and eye candy.

Wondering if you've found Quest for the Rest, yet? Another Samorost style game:


Blogger bluewyvern:

I have seen it -- beautiful piece of work, of course -- and it just occurred to me now that I've never mentioned it here. Must fix that as soon as possible...thanks for bringing it up.

And I'm very glad you found something here to pique your interest. :)

Anonymous Anonymous:

clearly im a little out of touch here as your post was made last year
but having just wandered past it i thought id mention a pre samarost example
the secret garden

its very engaging

nice blog by the way - i somewhat hate it when i find ones with too much interesting stuff - very distracting ; )

oh well thats the internet ....

Blogger bluewyvern:

Thanks for the link -- I've tried that game several times without ever seeming to make it past all the flash intros and instructions. I persevered this time, though, and played it through -- quite nice.

Don't worry about being behind. There's a lot of good stuff in the archives and it would make me sad if no one were looking at it any more. :)

Blogger d.langlands:

Kerb have developed a new Samorost-inspired game for the University of Salford called Curious?

Have a play at http://curious.salford.ac.uk

@ve spent far too much time playing Quest for the Rest and Samorost too - so really glad to find this post (and a few other games)!

Blogger bluewyvern:

That looks delightful -- thanks for the link!

Anonymous Melissa:

Hey. I came across your blog when I found a game called Questionaut. I didnt know what a samorost was. Thank you for all the great information. I love these games.

Here is the link for Questionaut. I use it in my classroom. The kids absolutely love it!


Blogger bluewyvern:

Melissa: Questionaut, like everything created by Amanita Design, really is great. I'm a huge fan of theirs, and I'm eagerly waiting for their upcoming game, which is called Machinarium. That's great that your kids are enjoying it!

Anonymous Anonymous:

Can you write a list of all the good click n point games


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