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I would like to present a short poem in the style of Ogden Nash, dedicated to LadySusan.

Syllabub for syllabus
May be substituted thus:
If syllabi were syllabubs,
Then class would pass with hearty glubs,
But spirits would not be as high
If syllabubs were syllabi.

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Anonymous ladysusan:

I love it!

I wish I could bring in syllabubs for my FYS students. I'm going to tell them on Tuesday that they can bring as much coffee and tea and breakfast as they like to class. It's an 8:40 in the morning class and they barely talk at all and I'm beginning to think that most of them skip breakfast.

I also sometimes wish I could have a nice stiff drink myself when I'm in class. Especially Latin.

Anonymous ladysusan:

Say, have you moved yet? You should send me your new address.


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