Painted people

Cartographies is a stunning photo series by artist Tatiana Parcero. Intricate maps, charts, medical illustrations, symbols, and diagrams are mapped onto parts of the human body. Absolutely beautiful.

Kim Joon is something of a one-trick pony, but it's a good trick. Couples are posed together and painted with a rich sheet of color, both traditional prints like clouds and dragons, or more whimsical patterns, like superheroes or Heineken logos.
Via Moon River.

There are several Body Art galleries at Flesh and Color, in categories like Metallic, Abstract, Blends, and Floral. Some nice stuff, particularly the blends.

Guido Daniele does professional bodypainting for advertising projects. The scope of the work ranges from a few strokes here and there to full coverage, from abstract prints to animals.

Philippo Ioco does excellent bodypainting for both commercial and personal projects. His extensive personal work is divided into a number of galleries, including Painted Fashion, Movement of Color, and Animal Kingdom. Beautiful stuff.

Kunst Kalender is a flash calendar with a different bodypaint artwork for each month. The text is in German and I can't make much more sense of it than that, but the works are of excellent quality.

It's a repost, but since it's so appropriate, here, again, is The Living Canvas by Pete Guither. As part of a live show, light is projected onto nude bodies to produce some interesting and lovely effects. The Body As Canvas Exhibit 3 gallery is my favorite.

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This is awesome!!

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Ammmm, I Loveeee those very much :)

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