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Visionobscured.com is the online portfolio of photographer Wes Hardison, who does breathtaking landscapes, figures, portraits, and pictures of ancient sites in a section called "Time Obscured".

The Living Canvas is performance art (when you see the live show) and photography (when you view the stills on the site) in which patterns and images are projected onto the nude bodies of performers. The effect is more impressive than it sounds. There are two exhibits online, Light and Shadow, which features posed nudes, and Body as Canvas, which features the light projections.

Stu Jenks's Fezziwig Photography is a series of stunning photos, sorted into Hoops and Circles, Sacred Spaces, the Human Circle, and Diptychs and Triptychs. Celebrating the spiritual and the sacred, his desert and forest landscapes try to capture spiralling energy in photographic form. It's hard to describe, but it's a wonderful effect.

Vintage is a Flickr photoset featuring hundreds of vintage art photos from 1870-1970. The size of the collection is staggering, and the old photographs are surprisingly moving.

Another nice Flickr photoset is sparkler fun, a series of pictures drawn in the air with sparklers. Some are quite impressive.

Ashes and snow is a great collection of images by photographer Gregory Colbert, who does stunning black and white photographs featuring interactions between human models and animals. People swim with whales, read to elephants, climb with cheetas, and meditate with antelope in these evocative images.

Nightphotographer.com is the unusual night photography of Larrie Thompson, who uses light and color in a unique way to produce these striking images of natural and urban landscapes.

I was going to do photoblogs in this entry, but I have so many links here, I think I'll save it for next time.

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I love these sites!!!! So beautiful. I took a bunch of the pictures and they are now my desktop....



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