Fleeting encounters

TOLL COLLECTOR #1: Hey, you look upset. Something wrong?

TOLL COLLECTOR #2: I've been seeing this great girl. She's cute, funny, friendly, and I think she really likes me. We really hit it off.

TOLL COLLECTOR #1: So what's the problem?

TOLL COLLECTOR #2: She just got an EZPass.


I cross the river to and from work every day, and I've been dragging my feet on getting a new EZPass...apart from the usual laziness and forgetfulness, there's also the fact that the toll collectors are all so sweet, and they always perk up when I come through. The cute one gave me a big grin today, asked how I was, and even said it was good to see me again. I always get the feeling that he's working up the courage to say more. How can I just stop coming?



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