Samorost 2, Chapter 2

The CD version of Samorost 2, containing both chapters and the soundtrack, is finally here, available at the Samorost Cafepress shop. As soon as I learned this fact I immediately bought it, along with a cute Gnome mini-button. Everyone should go out and buy the game right now -- support Amanita Design so we can have a Samorost 3!

The soundtrack was a nice surprise compared to the original -- it has twelve tracks and is a full forty minutes long. And the music, of course, is great.

I finally got to sit down today and play Chapter 2, which was wonderful but naturally far too short. And I was finally able to complete the second half of the walkthrough I started. You can view the whole thing at my original post: Samorost 2 Complete Walkthrough.

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Anonymous C. Bergius - Swe:

I checked the Cafepress Shop...
But i could'nt find Samrost2 on CD.
This made me sad. :(

Please post a direct link to wherever i can order the CD and i would be... happy. :)

Blogger bluewyvern:

Hmm. Well, it was there. I wonder what happened?

I'm on it.

(You may want to check the Samorost Fan Club Forum post where the creator first announced it. Hopefully he will provide an update soon.)

Anonymous LadysSusan:

I want a gnome coffee mug.

Anonymous Anonymous:

you can order Samorost2 CD-rom with the game and soundtrack here:


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