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I was approached by a stranger in a tea shop last weekend, and told that I looked exactly like the woman in Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine:

This is a new one, because usually if I am told I look like anyone it's Dana Scully, like the guy in the gaming store said last month. That's okay with me, too.

So, in case you've been wondering what I look like, now you know.


I forgot to mention, my mother has also always said I have Queen Elizabeth hands:

Although maybe if I just stopped carrying an ermine around everywhere, people would stop saying these things to me.

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Blogger bluewyvern:

I just noticed something, though...what's with the Ermine Lady's unibrow? Yikes!

Anonymous Alexandra:

It's not her eyebrow. If you look at a larger image, you can see it's the trim of a very fine hairnet that's held in place by that black band around her forehead.

The only TV personality I've ever been compared to is the woman who plays Saffie on AbFab. And I really do look and dress like her - an older version, of course.

But what I wanted to ask was, which one do you think you look like most?

Blogger Maktaaq:

Your looks are more delicate than Scully's, closer to the Lady with the Ermine.

But wait! How cool of a stranger is that? To know any painting of Leonardo's that isn't the Mona Lisa? And in a Polish gallery, no less!

Blogger Adam Cadre:


Interesting comment! It occurs to me that I have no idea where the majority of the artworks I like are actually on display - most of them I have encountered in books, in classes, or online. Even the ones I first saw in a museum have often been parts of traveling exhibitions. It hadn't even occurred to me that geography could affect the likelihood that someone would be familiar with a painting. But now that you mention it, yeah, among more obscure works, I probably am a lot more familiar with paintings and sculptures that have made a home in New York or San Francisco than with those in Europe...

Anonymous ladysusan:

Yes, I agree with maktaaq that you look more like Lady with the Ermine--like I always say, your face is more classical than Scully's.

Blogger bluewyvern:

I think I look like the Lady with the Ermine would if she styled her hair, dressed, and perhaps carried herself like Scully. The tea-shop-goer, unlike the game-shop-keeper, managed to penetrate beyond the distractions of grooming and style to uncover the true essence of my likeness.

Blogger Maktaaq:

Adam, there is a book about why the Mona Lisa is famous and not the prettier Lady with an Ermine, and one of the reasons was geography. The book was by Donald Sassoon and I think it was titled "Becoming Mona Lisa."

Funny, isn't it, how the West always trumps everywhere else?

Blogger Rachel:

I agree, what a great thing for a stranger to say to you. I would have proposed to him on the spot.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Ah, but it was a woman, actually. And my boyfriend might have objected, in any event.

Blogger Neil:

Aw, too bad it was a woman. I was about to say that was the best pick-up line ever.


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