Six cool Samorost-style games

I feel bad.

A visitor came here today after a Google search for "samorost style games" turned up a link to my post "Nine great room-escapers", in which I mentioned that the next installment would be Samorost-style games. Alas, I have been putting that post off for a rainy day and never completed it, and my hopeful visitor left in what was surely deep disappointment.

I shall rectify the situation immediately. (You see the good that Site Meter is working already? Righting wrongs, correcting injustices...)


The essential characteristic of these games is a single, large screen for each stage through which the small main character moves. The character does not act directly, but rather, you as the player must click on various objects and locations on the board in order to make them do something, and somehow clear a path for your character to progress to the next screen.

The original, of course, the pioneer that initiated and set the standard for the genre, is the fantastic Samorost by Amanita Design, which set my heart a-flutter from the moment I saw it. In my opinion, everyone with a computer should play this game at some point in their lives, the sooner the better. Gorgeous backdrops, charming animations, whimsical characters, and smart, jazzy music make this game a real treat.
Should you need it, there is a walkthrough in a thread at the 4Games forum.

Samorost inspired a number of imitators, notably the two-game series that includes Sangar Sabriina and its sequel, Sabrina in North Pole. While not as graphically or technically accomplished as Samorost, these short games are quite cute and fun to play.
There are hints for Sangar Sabriina at The Geek Forums, and a walkthrough for Sabrina in North Pole at the Nordinho forums.

Rivalling the beauty of Samorost is the lush world of Shift, in which you play a small blue fairy-like creature and must manipulate various mushrooms, flowers, bugs, and leaves to travel around your miniature realm. The atmosphere formed by the detailed artwork and the gentle music is dreamy and magical.
There are some hints to be found in the Nordinho forums.

Cavedude's Adventure is a rough, playful take-off on the Samarost style. Short and simple with clip-art graphics, but with its own charm.
There is a walkthrough at The Geek Forums.

Kao Fu-Sen is a lovely, surreal little gem of a game in which you play a young girl who must go off in search of her own head, which has detached and floated away like a balloon. You must guide the creepy-cute headless child through strange landscapes and cityscapes to recover it. My only regret with this game is that it is so short.
You can get hints in the comments on the game at lazylaces.

Those are all the Samorost-style games I've discovered out there so far. The Amanita Design page also promises a sequel to Samorost in the works, for which I am all a-quiver, as you can imagine. I hope this list may prove useful to future seekers (sorry, guy who came today)!

Tune in next time for: horror games.

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Anonymous orangeguru:

These games are great. Too bad you have to play them - I would prefer only to see them. The artwork is amazing!

Blogger bluewyvern:

Ahh, but I'm very much a sucker for interactive art. Although I could just stare at Samarost forever. Which is why I made desktops out of a couple of screencaps...

Anonymous Teri Pettit:

While it is probably fair to say that Samorost sets the bar for games of its genre, I wouldn't quite call it the "original" or "pioneer" game of that type.

In my opinion, 1988's Hypercard-based game "The Manhole", by the Miller brothers who later went on to Myst fame, owns that status.

Anonymous Anonymous:

Far from the nice visuals of these games, Hapland, Hapland 2, and Hapland 3 seem to be really popular games of this type. I think you can find them at http://foon.co.uk

Blogger Eyleen:

I think these games are so amazing , even if just for graphics !! MORE !! MORE !! please

Blogger bluewyvern:

Eyleen: If you haven't already, be sure to check out the other posts under the "samorost-style" label (link at the bottom of the post, and on the sidebar under "Select Varietals"). And I'll always be looking out for more. :)


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