Some of that old-time atheism

A few interesting things I've come across lately.

Bibi recently posted about the Skeptic's Annotated Bible, which I'm amazed I haven't heard of before. It's a wonderfully rich and thorough resource, a complete Bible with copious annotations divided into numerous color-coded categories such as Injustice, Absurdity, Cruelty and Violence, Family Values, and Contradictions. There are also illustrations, a discussion board, and links to that other great version of the Bible, The Brick Testament (which I discussed here and here). They have a Koran and Book of Mormon, too.

Stumbling Tongue blogs about faith, and includes a link to a very interesting article about meta-atheism. As the author explains, meta-atheism is the view that "Despite appearances, not many people -- particularly, not many adults who've been exposed to standard Western science -- seriously believe in God; most of those who sincerely claim to do so are self-deceived." He then lists eight compelling reasons why this may be so.

A while back, I gave my cat Sidney to my friend LadySusan. Soon after, he got sick and eventually died. LadySusan blogs about his illness and how she talked to God about it, and shares a transcript of their intriguing conversation. The point of all this is to direct you to igod, an amusing chatbot with the tagline "repenting made easy".

While I'm at it, some other links of interest from my collection:

Positive Atheism
Agnosticism/Atheism at About.com

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