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Well, I just got back from yet another visit -- and yes, I did go west again -- this time to see LadySusan in Ithaca, where she's settling in and about to begin life as a grad student at Cornell. It was good to see her again after the summer, as well as my cat Sidney, whom she's just adopted. The visit was great, except for the bit where I left my wallet at home and was turned away from a couple bars and refused alcohol for the duration of my stay. This also scrapped our plans to visit a local winery, which we had been very much looking forward to.

Anyway, what I wanted to mention was that in one of the many little bookshops that line the Ithaca Commons, we came across the Brick Testament book, which was a neat find. (Interestingly, the book is rather cleaned-up -- many of the most risqué panels from the website are omitted.) Reading the introduction, I realized that I had mischaracterized the project in my earlier post. The creator, "The Rev." Brendon Powell Smith, is not actually a reverend at all -- he's an atheist -- and the purpose of the site is much more lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek than I believed. It's not religious at all, which goes a ways toward explaining the tone of the narration. So there you go. Should have been paying more attention. The site is now even more highly recommended.

reading: Gregory Maguire, Lost
saw: Firefly; The Black Adder

music: "cooltunes" mix, curr. "The Egypt Journey Part II" from the Shade - Wrath of Angels soundtrack
beverage: Twinings English Breakfast tea

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Anonymous Anonymous:

I just had a dream about posting a comment in your blog. It was wonderfully witty and relevant, but of course I have no clue what it could have been, and it was a response to a dream entry. Oh well. Instead I'll say that I played about half of your samarost-style games. Of course that comment really goes to the samarost-style-games entry, but here it will be more likely to be read. I loved the blue fairy one, and the little person in the orange robe one. I tried to do the headless girl one, but it wouldn't load. Did you have any problems loading it?


Blogger bluewyvern:

Possibly. I know the game is hosted at a numner of sites -- I think that one's the best, but I think I do remember having loading problems somewhere.

Here are some alternate links for Kao

(this one is a nice direct link to the game without a lot of distracting stuff around it)




That should be plenty...at least one of those should work for you.


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