Things that don't go

Car #1 (mine): suddenly having problems starting, will start only by pumping gas; stalls whenever brakes are applied.

Car #2 (mother's): vibrates steadily at speeds below and violently at speeds above 45 mph; will smooth out after several miles of uninterrupted driving, only to recommence cycle once brakes are applied or steering wheel turned to the right; front left wheel heats rapidly; something terribly wrong with brakes.

Body: wracked with allergies, manifested as runny nose and explosive sneezes; refills of required medication withheld for months by multiple doctors pending costly office visits.

Cat: both rear feet badly burned following contact with heated stovetop, foot pads blistered and intermittently bleeding; cat retreating to cabinets to hide and nurse his wounds; prognosis uncertain, fear of possible future infection.

Wish me luck.



Anonymous ladysusan:

Oh no! Poor cars; poor kitty; poor you!


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