A treat

I got a package in the mail today -- the cd Sakura by Susumu Yokota, a gift from the amazingly generous mr.h of Giornale Nuovo, who was recently giving cds away for the asking as he occasionally does.

I was lucky to have snagged this one. It's just the kind of funky, minimalist, jazzy, exotic, experimental, ambient instrumental thing I often like to listen to, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Plus there's the excitement of having interesting things mailed to you by strangers from Sweden, in envelopes bearing Swedish and French writing, stamps, and insignia. (It didn't even occur to me that mr.h hailed -- and mailed -- from anywhere other than America, although the footer of his blog even carries the bold warning Not to be introduced into the British Empire or the U.S.A., which we've violated pretty well now.)

So anyway, it was a delightful treat, for which I thank mr.h heartily. I also recommend readers to visit his always fascinating and very informative blog, which uncovers some of the most unusual treasures of art history, old prints, books, and manuscripts, and all kinds of goodies for the common enjoyment. His latest post, for example, presents the strange and surreal work of nineteenth-century French artist Odilon Redon, and another that I liked a lot recently discusses the seventeenth-century treatise The Discovery of a World in the Moone by John Wilkins.

So go and visit him. He has some great things to share.

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Anonymous misteraitch:

I'm glad you like the CD: it's the ideal result for me when I can find better homes for the stuff I no longer want. I don't mean the 'Not to be introduced into the British Empire' thing seriously, especially seeing as how my site is hosted by a company in Baltimore...

Blogger Maktaaq:

Hi Bluewyvern!

Guess what? I am visiting NY again! I am arriving on Thursday for a wedding. Yay!

As for Odilon Redon, he is one of my favourite artists - I even made an eye-balloon Redon mug at a friend's bridal shower mug painting workshop thingie. I also used the Redon spider in my now-defunct art blog: http://multimediasocialclub.blogspot.com/


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