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Ever since my "Notable photos" post I've been meaning to post some links highlighting the great photoblogs I have in my sidebar. I guess I'll just take them in order.

Gravity Zero: News from the dream is a mix of quiet observations, understated, unexpected photos, handwritten scribbles and texts, and just the right amount of silence. There are also some interesting semi-regular features, like a 30-year old found diary being posted in increments.

The FoUnD LeTtErS PrOjEcT: Letters that are found and recorded during the day seems to have already been dead when I found it, alas. I may have to remove it, or perhaps create a special section for inactive blogs. It's a nice collection of those isolated letters taken from street signs and spray-painted on walls and formed by the fortuitous intersection of stray detritus.

Kit.blog is the blog of Romanian photographer Cristian "Kit" Paul, and from the first time I saw it I was impressed by his bold use of color and the clarity of his compositions. Just a good photographer with a good eye.

Bruhns Photos is the work of a Swedish photographer who occupies himself mainly with the endless vistas presented by the sea and sky. What little text there is is in Swedish, but it hardly matters -- there's little apart from the titles of the works, and the beautiful photos speak quite well for themselves.

PHOTO BLOG is simply a group blog where loads of photographers post their best, most beautiful, and most interesting shots. The quality is quite high, and something good always comes out of the grab bag.

Year of Wonders should have gone up on my list much sooner -- the only reason it didn't is because I came across it before I even started collecting photoblogs, and I just filed it with my photography sites and forgot about it. That was a mistake. Tumulus, the photographer, does rich nature photographs of the areas around his home, specializing particularly in close-ups of flowers, but also experimenting quite successfully with the odd fungus, insect, sky, or man-made object. A very nice view into a small and beautiful world.

Curiously Incongruous: photo-poetic images of London is a great visual log of the photographer's rambles through London. He peers into its back alleys and forgotten corners, and brings back evocative, secret portraits of his home city.

Machinafotografica is a new photoblog that promises to be a steady source of lovely images for some time to come. Urban details and moments captured in the London-based photographer's travels.

Eyematter covers the gamut from sweeping, magical landscapes to closely observed, intimate details. There's a little of everything. Seascapes, flowers, architecture, people, tilted cameras, street scenes, color, black and white, all gorgeously executed.

Artsy Science is a refreshing blend of, well, art and science. High-powered microscope photography yields bold, fascinating, alien images of even the most everyday objects.

Daily dose of imagery features large, bold landscapes and cityscapes, broad and brightly colored.

Catchy Colors Photoblog: Elite blog showcasing the best of colors from Flickr is a sampling of the boldest, most colorful photographs culled daily from Flickr. The two bloggers have an impeccable editorial eye, and assemble a dazzling collection of the best and brightest.

FlickrSoup for the Soul: A big bowl of important things in life - love, connection and gratitude. A secret recipe ONLY brewed on Flickr is another Flickr collection by one of the Catchy Colors bloggers. It's a soulful mix of uplifting sentiment and touching Flickr images, with a nice dash of artsy flair. It manages romantic without maudlin, which is always tough to pull off.

The Lost City: Artifacts of things that were, and never will be again is a collection by the other Catchy Colors blogger. These Flickr photos are of old architecture and forgotten technology, harkening back to another century. It's not my usual period of interest, but the images were so appealing and evocative that I couldn't resist. Vintage, art deco, retro, classic, and just plain old -- it makes for a pleasant trip through time.

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Anonymous Lynn S:

Thanks for all those links! Here are two more photoblogs.

Timesink - mostly flowers and other closeups.

On Location With Rick Lee - interesting, artsy photos of ordinary things. He often posts mystery photos and asks readers to guess what it is.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Thank you for those links, very nice! I especially like Rick Lee's blog.


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