More Super Smile Time Vacation Pictures!!!!

Part II: Destinations

One of the many games we saw. This was roughly where we sat for almost all of them.

The Hooters in Florence, KY where we got our free wings. We find it amazing that people take families to Hooters. They have high chairs.

Don't they look delicious?

Gratuitous Grand Canyon pictures.

Mine look the same as anybody else's.

Except that they have our backs in them.

The vacation resort friend's house where we stayed.

With a hot tub.

What a great trip.

I have a couple more good photos, but I'm mostly avoiding posting ones with people in them, so these are really all that I have to show. They're kinda boring, now that I think about it. But what kind of vacation slideshow would it be if I showed interesting pictures?

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Anonymous Melissa:

Very pretty! I want T's house.

Anonymous Norberto Underwood:

Well, that could be true.


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