Mixed messages

I went to the post office recently to purchase stamps and they gave me a book of stamps printed with a candy-heart design that reads "I [HEART] YOU." These are wholly inappropriate. I don't write to anyone I love. We have internet and telephone for that. I only send mail to pay bills, and I don't heart my creditors. "I O YOU" would be much more to the point.



Blogger KL:

Usually they let you pick out what stamps you want. I bought a bunch of LOVE stamps for my wedding invites a few years back. I never finished the pack because I was uncomfortable using them for my phone bill. Now I have a bunch of 29 cent stamps that are completely useless...unless I want to put enough LOVE to cover the new price.

Blogger Sarah:

Ah, it is so amazing that we are not always alone in our thoughts. I was just blog-hopping and chuckled at this entry because I have had the same thoughts about "I love you"s and creditors. However, you took it to an even better place by thinking of the more appropriate alternative: I O YOU. Clever, clever!


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