Face. The Ultimate Flash Face allows you to construct a face using a wide variety of types. The results vaguely resemble the work of police sketch artists.

Bayeux Tapestry. The Historic Tale Reconstruction Kit can be used to create panels, strips, or even greeting cards with text and tapestry images. For inspiration, look here at this great example.

Comic strip. This great generator features loads of stylishly drawn, very inspiring characters and objects you can combine to design some very eye-catching strips.
Via Drawn!

City. You can build a modern city, medieval town, or North Pole village from the ground up with the cute pixel-art City Creator.

Shakespearean insult. The Shakespearean Insult Kit is one of those simple text column a-column b-type generators. Thou frothy, elf-skinned flax-wench!

Irish curse. An tInneal Mallachtaí -- The Curse Engine is similar, allowing you to select from three columns of insults, and then rendering the results into Gaelic. Go gcreime scata Fomhórach ólta do chuid fo-éadaigh (May a pack of drunken Fomorians gnaw at your underwear)!

Doll. ELouai has a collection of Doll Makers, from Candybar to Boy to Ragnarok, along with a Doll House Maker and more. Cute time-waster. (Below are two Ragnarok dolls.)

Fat doll. There's the Fat Doll Maker, which I've posted before but which is so appropriate to today's category that I have to repost it. I'll include a picture this time.

Flower. Zefrank has created a nice Flower Maker where you can design and upload your own flowers; then, you can generate a random
Community Garden using the flowers created by other users, or grow a custom garden with the Garden Maker, and send it to a friend.
Via Reflections in d minor.

Anagrams. Brendan's On-Line Anagram Generator will helpfully break down and provide anagrams for any word or phrase you offer it. (BLUE TEA can be reworded as A TUB EEL, and BLUEWYVERN as WE BLUR ENVY. Did you know that?)

Mondrian painting. With the Mondrian Machine, you just click on a portion of the canvas, and it automatically divides and colors for you. Instant art.

Picasso painting. Mr. Picassohead is a creator that lets you combine ears, eyes, noses, mouths and such to create your very own stylized Picasso face.
Both this and the previous one via Michelle's Mental Clutter.

Now go. Go out and make something. Then come back and show me what you've done!



Anonymous Neil:

That's more fun than I deserve on a sunday afternoon. thanks for all those cool links.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Delighted to have been of service.


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