Today we have a selection of links to interesting toys...various flash and java thingies that you can manipulate with your mouse.

I've seen this linked at a couple of sites now. It's hypnotic, and a bit disturbing. Neverending Fall is a flash animation of a woman freefalling through a field of randomly generated spheres. You can click on her to move her if she gets stuck, or if you just want to fling her around. A part of me is convinced that Hell is real, and this woman is there, now, and every time someone loads this program the horror begins anew. But it's so fascinating...I can vouch from personal experience that it can provide literally hours of entertainment. Showing it to K may have been a mistake.

A far less unsettling, and somewhat less engaging, flash person you can play with is the Liquid Man, who floats rather more peacefully around your screen.

Crazyimages.com is a nifty site with lots of java tricks and animations, some of which are you can play with, and some that are just cool to look at.

I may have posted this some time ago, but it fits this category so here it is again: an interactive Mona Lisa with a range of facial expressions, presented by the Cité des Sciences.

Finally, there is the stylish Fat Dollmaker, a plus-sized paper doll which could be a fun and positive role model for kids, if not for all the risqué clothing options. So it's a fun and positive role model for not-kids.




Anonymous orangeguru:

Neverending Fall certainly has a hellish quality to it. Now following Dante's Inferno - which sin has she commited?

Or are there new sins and rings of eternal damnation? Like not upgrading your Windows system?

Anonymous Anonymous:

She must have committed the sin of lust, for which one spends eternity being blown around by wind. I figure it must have been cybersex.


Blogger bluewyvern:

Hey, you're absolutely right. Plus look at the way she's dressed. I can't believe that didn't occur to me.

I feel even worse for her now.

Anonymous Kory Kutz:

Not bad.


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