Happy Fun Time Vacation Photo Slideshow

Part I: On the Road

I'm going to sit you down now and make you look at pictures from my recent cross-country roadtrip. Yes, I am!

(Note: This is unrelated to the Nevada trip discussed in the previous post! Those pictures will come soon. These are the belated photos from the big roadtrip last month.)

The scenery while driving through somewhere. California, I think.

A picturesque sunset. Probably also California.

Big ol' cross in Indiana. One of two or three that we passed purported to be the largest in the country.

Florence, y'all. Kentucky.

At Sonic, the drive-through burger joint, somewhere in Oklahoma. An all-American experience. Pretend the car isn't German.

The Oklahoma sky, after a storm. The storm pictures themselves were all kind of ruined by the law school guide book sitting on the dashboard, which reflected prominently in all the shots.

The open road.

Next time: Destinations.

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Anonymous orangeguru:

Uhhh. Ahhh. Nice.

Thanks for sharing your trip and that german car with us. ;-)


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