A conversation I had today

CO-WORKER: So are you in school?

ME: I just graduated.

CO-WORKER: Where did you go?

ME: Bard.

CO-WORKER: Ah. Yeah, I noticed the big words.

ME: I didn't know they were hanging out so prominently!

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Anonymous Neil:

It also explains all these artsy links.

Don't you love being stereotyped by what school you attended?

Blogger bluewyvern:

Yeah...I'm kind of wondering how it will go for me. On the one hand, Bard is pretty prestigious -- it's small, and selective, and has pretty high academic standards. On the other hand, we're known as a bunch of pot-smoking hippies. Which is overwhelmingly true. My classmates were fun, entertaining, wonderful people to know...but I'm quite a bit more together than most of them were, and I'm afraid their reputation for dreamy idealism, drug use, and disregard for hygiene may taint me somewhat.

...For the townies, though, Bard just represents snootiness and, well, big words...oh, and pot.


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