Bard in Fog

Archive photos -- 2002

Some more of my old digital photos today, this time a couple shots I took of Bard campus one thick, foggy morning in my freshman year. Not many people were about, and I wanted to capture the empty, desolate feel of the place. As I often do, I deliberately avoided snapping anything that could tie the image to a time or a place...I can't stand a stray person, sign, or power line intruding into my ethereal vistas.

The campus center field

The Chapel of the Holy Innocents

Soon Bard will be nothing to me but a foggy memory.

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Anonymous Anonymous:

Hey, I took a photo of the campus center field trees my freshman year on just such a foggy day! What if it was the same day?


Blogger bluewyvern:

Ha! That's pretty cool. Do you have it?

Anonymous Anonymous:

Somewhere. I'll try to dig it up. By the way, how do you put photos on blogs? Oh, and how do you do that thing where you make a word or phrase a link?

Blogger bluewyvern:

In order to post photos, you will need to find an image host. I'm not really sure what to suggest there. Maybe you can link to images stored on gmail? But I doubt it.

The code to make a link is this (with < and > instead of [ and ]):

[a href="URL"]LINK TEXT[/a]

Anonymous Anonymous:

These are really impressive pics. I believe it takes talent to make something look like this. They are beautiful.


Blogger bluewyvern:

That's nice of you to say, but all it really takes is a halfway clever digital camera...

Glad you like them.


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