An aesthetic defined

I just came across this New York Times article from July, which pins down and gives a name to a style that's been gradually gaining a lot of momentum: the "New Vintage". So that's what you call it.

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Anonymous spiffymango:

I was into the New Pretty rage ages ago, but I felt it was missing something. It was missing wonder, oddity, the fantastic and the strange. Now New Vintage comes along.... *happy*

Blogger Jess Haskins:

"New Pretty"...? Please explain!

Blogger Gautier Pellegrin:

over it, all brooklyn and downtown NYC is all antlers and taxidermia and old prints and...
can't take it anymore.

Anonymous spiffymango:

Well, New Pretty is an assortment of bold graphic prints, Scandinavian-inspired decor (clean, whimsical lines), organic shapes. It was all over Elle Decor and Domino.

I do like new vintage, minus the taxidermy. The wunderkammen feel is nice.


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