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Memory Palace. Assemblage art by Shiralee Saul.

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Hi Jess -- SOOOO long since I dropped into Blue Tea -- and it's been my loss! Esp. since you seem to have gathered together many of the bits and pieces of my life into your blog. :-)

One bit that you haven't found is Second Nature -- an online academic journal I edit (as wll as teaching in rmit's games program) -- I was wondering whether you'd be interested in contributing to the journal -- it's at http://secondnature.rmit.edu.au -- my work email is there.

Anyway, I love to discuss the possibilities with you at some point soon -- and thanks for doing such great blog.


BTW MUCH better pics of this stuff at http://www.flickr.com/photos/incognita_mod/sets/72157601031558737/


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