Home sweet home

Welcome to the new digs! Blue Tea is now hosted on my own space at http://deeplyblue.com/bluetea. Kindly update any links you may have — and thanks for sticking around while I aestivated.

I thought with the move I would be switching to WordPress or another platform, but as I tried them out I noticed I was harboring resentment for them not working like Blogger, and finally realized that it was because I actually wanted to keep using Blogger. Rather, I wanted to keep using the old style Blogger, before they updated it so you could hardly customize anything any more. I like the look I have, so I'm sticking with it.

So the platform's not changing, but a few other things are. For one, the formatting and timing of the posts: they'll be shorter and much more frequent. The links are also getting a bit of a shakeup, mostly some new additions in new categories (check out the new "Museums & Collections" section after "Blogs"). Also, you may have noticed I am now blogging under my real name. No one could pronounce "bluewyvern" anyway.

Again, thanks for your support and interest during my recent dry spell. I wasn't dead, just resting my eyes. Time to get moving now.



Anonymous Anonymous:

Glad you are back. I hope you can keep posting.

Anonymous Anonymous:

I'm glad you're back! I just discovered your blog and I really enjoy the stuff you post.


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