Dramedy at the end of the world

More fruits of last year's writers' strike have ripened and fallen to the ground: screenwriter John August has just released the pilot to proposed webseries The Remnants, an apocalyptic sitcom about a tribe of survivors who raid abandoned houses in the suburbs of LA for Pringles and Wiis in the aftermath of a civilization-ending disaster of an indeterminate nature. The tone is hip and ironic, what August describes as "a cross between The Stand and The Office." The well-formed cast includes Justine Bateman, Michael Cassidy, Ben Falcone, Ernie Hudson, Amanda Walsh, and experimental web artist Ze Frank (whose burgeoning collection of flash oddities, artsy webcamery, and multimedia playthings is well worth the detour).

Following the model of Dr. Horrible, The Remnants was conceived and produced during the dark, idle days of the WGA strike and shopped around to advertisers and sponsors for possible development as a new webseries. Though it was at one time under consideration by NBC, its chances aren't looking so good. The upside is that the pilot is now being released to the public, so we at least get to see what we're missing. And maybe it'll somehow generate lots and lots of interest and develop into something in the future.

You can watch the embedded video below, or see it in HD on Vimeo.

Via io9.

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Anonymous Robin_Scarlett:


Blogger dhalgren2882:

Wow, that was great. I want more!

Blogger Princess Haiku:

I liked it too. How are you doing these days Blue? Magnificently avoiding reality I see.
loyal reader /ph

Anonymous Maktaaq:

I liked it too. Where can we catch the rest of the episodes? And why do flushing toilets bring whatevers?

Blogger bluewyvern:

I want more, too. Sadly, that's all there is.

If you liked it, blog about it, show it to your friends...maybe if it gets enough exposure, someone will think about picking it up!

Because I do want to know why flushing toilets brings the whatevers...and what's up with the Grand Canyon? I went there a couple years back, I need to know if something's going to happen to me.


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