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Illustrator Dan McCarthy does a few things very well: trees, power lines, ships, houses, skeletons. At least, these are the things he does repeatedly. More generally, he's a master at bold compositions relying on the interplay between line and negative space, from rigging to cables to twigs to ribs. Not only is there some stellar work on display here, but also a limited selection of very affordable and very beautiful prints for sale.

Creative director Gregori Saavedra is a prolific commercial illustrator whose stark line work replicates the look of photographs run through a trace filter, to beautiful effect. His portfolio also includes a variety of stylish video and other work.

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Anonymous Adam:

Hey hey. My gf wants to know where you found that fourth Dan McCarthy print, the deep blue one with the silhouetted tree - she's a big fan (I actually got her a Print Club membership for her birthday next month) but hasn't seen that one before.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Adam: The one you're looking for is here -- it's under paintings, so it doesn't look like there are prints available, but perhaps you could ask the artist.

Also, I just want to say, that's a very cool birthday present.


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