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Morning travelogue is a curiously compelling record of one man's commute to work as he ditches the Tube in order to walk through some of the lovelier and more interesting parts of downtown London. If only we all had such a short, pedestrian-friendly, and pleasant itinerary. The somewhat accelerated tracking and a peppy, danceable tune help, too.
Via Weekend Stubble.

Fed by Birds has just shared a few photographs paired with ambient soundscapes from a recent trip Cornwall, in Cornish Sounds. The captured ambience of waves and seabirds and breezy forests and tolling churchbells is wonderfully tranquil.

I was reminded of Their Circular Life: An Exploration About Human Behavior, an interesting little flash presentation that allows you to cycle through twenty-four hours of sounds and images captured from stationary observation posts in a variety of urban locations. Go fast and watch the day whizz by your eyes, or slow down to listen to the nuances of the place.

At La grange numérique, the panoramic photography site of Denis Gliksman, you can find a number of beautiful 360° scenes, some with sound and animation, like this set of "Spriteoramas" of rocks and lapping waves on the coast of Brittany.

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Blogger Fade:

nice photos-nice blog

Anonymous Maktaaq:

Ah, I loved the London walk (I am jealous - my commute is just a bunch of suburban streets and a couple of bridges). I watched it twice.

Blogger bluewyvern:

I know, isn't it lovely? My commute -- well, half of my commute is getting picked up in a black towncar in the middle of the night, but the other half is just packing it in on the dreary subway, which offers far less in the way of diverting scenery. And walking is definitely not an option!


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