Beneath the surface of things

Beyond Light is the gallery of x-ray photographer Albert Koetsier. He arranges plants, animals, seashells, and other natural objects into delicate, ethereal compositions.

Unlike many x-ray artists who photograph flowers and natural objects, the celebrated Nick Veasey turns his camera outward, revealing the insides of objects from everyday life — like plastic dolls or underwear — but plants and animals have their time under his lens, too. He has published a book of his award-winning personal and commercial work, X-Ray: See Through the World Around You.

In his series of röntgen etchings, artist Ben Kruisdijk embellishes x-ray photographs with fanciful illustrations.

Photographer Bert Myers does simple x-ray portraits of a variety of subjects, both natural and man-made objects.

Commercial artist Hugh Turvey creates brightly colorized x-ray photographs of household objects as well as plants, animals, and other items.

Leslie Wright uses x-rays to look inside plants, animals, high-tech devices, and everyday objects.

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