Shame I'm not working on Dexter

I was just browsing some texture libraries for a set of business cards I'm making up, when I came across the Splatter category at the excellent CG Textures. Some of the categories can be hit or miss in terms of selection, but I was impressed by the breadth and variety of their offerings in splatter textures — which can of course be colorized as desired for your purposes, but are pretty much all served up in that same lovely murder-scene red.

I can't think of a use for them, but they're so nice, I thought I'd throw them up just in case someone was working on something Dexter-related. Wouldn't want you to miss out.

Of course, even if you don't need 895 different types of blood splatter patterns for your particular project, there are plenty of other great textures there, too.

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Blogger peacay:

I was hoping there was a full metadating and bibliographic outline:

East Anglia left-handed ice pick to carotid splatter with temperate congealing qualities.

First reported in 1938, this distinctive spray arrangement works best in subjects with right sided heart failure and ought to be staged within six feet of the intended canvas (avoiding waterproof wallpaper) for maximal visual aesthetics. We recommend an ambient temperature range of 12-17 degrees centigrade to reduce droplet breakout from initial meniscal templates.

For best results, subjects should be approached from behind with an aluminium utensil, sharpened immediately prior to use. Raise the tool with a straight arm above the head and bring down forcefully following a slightly circular arc, towards the right hip. Obviously, the target side of the neck should be on the side closest to the splatter surface.
See: Oxburgh, 1976, Vol. 78, pp26-32: 'Picking and Painting'; Deveson et al, 1942, Vol. 21, pp201-217: 'Ice pick delivers' IN: "Biocidal Art Journal".

Now that's a publication I could subscribe to! ;- )

Blogger bluewyvern:

In lieu of an actual record, I'll happily accept yours. Thanks for that!

I was hoping these would inspire somebody. :)

Anonymous Maktaaq:

Peacay, that's brilliant.

Blue, I would use these for a business card. I am Transylvanian after all. I could see them working as my calling card.

Also, I first read this on Bloglines, but it looks so much better on your blog with the right background colours.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Maktaaq: I would be thrilled if you did that. In fact, I hope you do! Please send me one. :D

I wonder how many "readers" I have through feeds who never come to the blog. Secret, uncounted legions, I hope.

Anonymous Maktaaq:

Yes, but they are missing out on the comments. (I am often guilty of reading the feed, not the blog's actual page myself.)

Hmm, I shall look into this business card business.

Blogger Princess Haiku:

How perfect for the Halloween season! Perfect for the up and coming or edgy spectral being.


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