Modern vintage illustration

Mad Meg takes the dead, the weird, the natural, and the artifical, and mashes it all up in a fascinating curiosity cabinet sideshow that merges modern sensibilities and vintage aesthetics. The well-designed site will lead you through dream images, comic-strip tales, reimagined masterpieces, freak-show magazine covers, anatomical renderings, and a virtual natural history museum. At the end, you can snag some unique wallpapers to take away — provided you think you desktop would look good in, say, a nice insect-headed man or some dead rats.

Ben Tolman evidences influences from manuscript illumination, Northern Renaissance paintings, nineteenth-century engravings, early twentieth-century graphic design, and pulp-era science fiction in his intricate Boschian tableaux, which paint the modern psyche in dense, epic, riotous, symbolic visions.

Lorenzo Petrantoni is a commercial illustrator who applies his strong graphic talents to remix turn-of-the-century style into something both quaint and fresh. His new-old collages pop with a vibrancy that could only come from our era — and not just because of the occasional Nike logo and suchlike anachronisms.

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