Performance drawing

These days, anything can be made into a performance -- even the simple act of putting [implement] to [surface].

Field Music - In Context. A music video featuring an illustration drawn in a single, unbroken line. A very long, intricate one. Impressive.
Via 30gms.

The Graffiti Machine. This bizarre contraption, a spray can suspended between two computer-controlled ribbons, can produce a painted scene to rival the work of any street punk.
Via blanketfort.

Ambidextrous Drawing. Pretty self explanatory. The artwork is not my favorite, but you can't quibble with the technique. Ever feel like you're wasting half your life -- or body?

Drawing The Perfect Circle By Hand. This guy really knows how to play up a freak talent. (Hint: There's not really a world championship.)

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Anonymous marie:

Wonderful! Your blog looks like the perfect "cabinet de curiosités" to me!
Read you soon!

Blogger bluewyvern:

Marie: Thank you! I've very much enjoyed perusing your delightful blog, too.


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