Octopus love

Ectoplasmosis showcases this alluring glass octopus sculpture available for sale from a home design store. Don't you just want to hold it?
Via Violins and Starships.

100 Girls and 100 Octopuses is a stunning mural made up of 98 individual 8" x 10" paintings. Sensually draped here and there throughout are a hundred each of octopuses and nubile girls, variously chilling out and getting it on. Creepy? Hot? Yes.
Via gatsu gatsu.

If you, too, want to be engulfed by an octopus of your very own, try this Octopus chair, spotted by Geekologie. It's made out of recycled jeans and can be buttoned into different tentacly shapes. Fun?

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Blogger Melissa:

I love the website for that octopus chair--now I totally want the "Oh Shocking" pajamas!

Blogger bluewyvern:

I didn't even look at the rest of the site.

Now I want them too! Pity you seem to have to call France to get them, else I'd be ordering myself a present right now... :(

Blogger KatK:

I dunno about holding the glass octupus, I'd be afraid of a clumsy moment. But I do want to look at it. Are there other images of it?

The paintings are somewhat odd to me, but I guess no odder than that photographer who has the "Little Grey Guy" site. (Or did he spell it Gray?) WARNING: Not Safe For Work, Erotica, naked women holding the same cranky grey cat. I'm not sure if that site is defunct or not, I stumbled on it years ago looking for cat photographs. I was amazed that some of the models came out of the photo shoot intact, they seemed clueless as to how to hold a cat or show respect to a cat. As cranky as that cat is, he must be something of a gentle giant.

Blogger bluewyvern:

That was the only picture of the octopus on the seller's website, unfortunately. So probably the only one in existence. But for the low low price of $395.00 (plus $29.95 S&H) you can have one of your very own to look at...

Also, the Little Grey Guy site seems to be down for the moment. I'm curious now.

Blogger Tim:

I love! the glass octopus!

Blogger MD Encolpius:


Anonymous Maktaaq:

I like the glass octopus, but the octopi with girls...eeeww. Have you seen the old-time Jpaanese pearl diver and ocotpus porn? It was some sort of subgenre of Japanese art.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Shame I didn't find this earlier. I'd save it, but since I doubt I'll ever do another octopus-related post:

Silver jewelry molded from real octopuses on Etsy. Via Ample Sanity.


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