Gargoyles lives again

Gargoyles went off the air in 1996. If you thought it was all over and done with, you have some catching up to do.

SLG (Slave Labor Graphics) is publishing TWO all-new series of Gargoyles comics, with new canon stories penned by creator Greg Weisman himself: there's the GARGOYLES main series, with #1-7 out so far, and the new spinoff series BAD GUYS, which just debuted its first issue and has the second due in February.

Lily Allison assembled this excellent teaser trailer for the GARGOYLES: CLAN BUILDING VOLUME ONE graphic novel, which collects the first six issues of the Gargoyles comic in one trade paperback.

Here are a couple more trailers, while we're at it. A general GARGOYLES comic teaser by Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky:

And a BAD GUYS comic teaser (in B&W, like the comic itself) by TricksterPuck:

I made a handy Listmania list gathering all the comics and dvds available from Amazon.com in one spot. (Buena Vista has so far released all of Season 1 and Volume 1 of Season 2 on dvd -- we're still waiting for the release of Season 2, Volume 2 to complete the series!)

Check here for a schedule of past and upcoming release dates for the comics.

Your one-stop shop is the Gargoyles Comic Website, where you can find out how to order issues of the comic, join the mailing list to be notified when new issues are released, read up on the Gargoyles backstory, and more.

A little sample of the art from #5, "Bash". And lest you worry it's some peculiar pan-Disney Aladdin crossover, be at ease -- it's just Halloween. Always an exciting night for the gargoyles.

The fan community is still active over at Station 8, where fans congregate in the old Comment Room, and Greg Weisman still regularly answers questions, posts ramblings, and shares an ongoing "This Day in Gargoyles Universe History" feature at Ask Greg.

So, there's plenty to see. Good times for a Gargoyles fan.

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