Eighteen great animated music videos

Amanita Design (creator of Samorost) does it all -- I haven't yet had the opportunity to link to the absolutely beautiful music video they created for Under Byen - "Plantage". The visual style will feel very familiar to fans of Samorost.

I adore this video. The song is "Remind Me/So Easy" by Norwegian duo Röyksopp, and the animation is a strange and wonderful video by French design studio H5 showing a day in the life of a London office worker as told entirely through infographics, from the features of the alarm clock that wakes her up and where her sewage goes after she flushes to dancing pie charts and stock quotes at the office to stats on pints of beer consumed across the country at the end of the workday. Though the style is deceptively simple, the system is bogglingly complex, revealing the amazingly intricate workings of modern life as we move through it in almost total oblivion.
Via Le territoire des sens.

"The Child" by Alex Gopher is another video created by H5 in 1999. In this one, the entire story is acted out by animated blocks of typography. Very cool.

Like those? More music videos by H5:
Darkel - At the End of the Sky (2006)
Étienne Daho - "Retour à toi" (2003)
Goldfrapp - "Twist" (2003)
Massive Attack - "Special Cases" (2003)
Sinema - "In My Eyes" (2002)
Wuz (Alex Gopher and Demon) - "Use Me" (2002)
Playgroup - "Number One" (2001)
Super Furry Animals - "Juxtaposed With U" (2001)

Steampunk Daedalus and Icarus is a steampunk reimagining of the Greek myth in a sleek woodcut-slideshow style by David Brunell Brutman, creator of the also steampunk-themed illustrated tale The Æthereal Adventures of Emma Verne. The song used in the video is Michael Andrews - "Mad World".
Via Brass Goggles.

Illustrator and animator Clemens Habicht has a very nice portfolio of music videos, most done in a loose, freewheeling collage style. Try the freaky, funny Motor - "Din10", the dreamier, equally expressive Sia - "Numb", or the more minimalist, delicate Lucine ICL - "Seemingly".

In illustrator and animator Joel Trussell's high-energy cartoon world, femme fatales pull off daring heists in spaceborne manta rays with robot owls, scary nurses chase furry woodland animals on railcars, and viking ships do battle by electric guitar. Wild, wacky stuff. The music videos in question are Atomic Swindlers - "Float (my electric stargirl)", Kid 606 - "The Illness", and Jason Forrest - "War Photographer".

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Blogger Princess Haiku:

You posted some very cool videos here. Not the things I would usually listen to and appreciated the opportunity to "step outside" my usual. Thanks and happy solstice to you.

Blogger Gypsy Purple:

Hope you had a blessed Christmas!! Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous 2008!!!

Blogger Princess Haiku:

Hi Blue,
Haven't been online much myself either. Wither has thou wandered. Into a permanent game perhaps? Take care and hope the year gets off on the right foot for you.

Anonymous Incognita:

We've all been caught irl, it seems ;-P

This is a fantastic selection -- some old faves and some fantastic new (to me) animations. You run such a great blog! It really is a total public service. I suspect that I'll be here for the rest of the day catching up with your posts ;-)

Hope 2008 has started fabulously for you and yours!


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