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Wonderful news. One of my favorite blogs is now a book.

Plenty of bloggers go into print, but this one is special. BibliOdyssey is both learned and visually intoxicating, and I applaud peacay's breakthrough into the ink-and-paper world to bring forth what is certainly a substantial and informative book in addition to just being full of gorgeous pictures.

I'll crib peacay's own blatantly promotional paragraph to describe the offering:

The book (like the site) covers a very wide spectrum of styles, time periods and subject matter. You can expect everything from astronomy to zoology and from Art Nouveau to the Renaissance, in something reminiscent of what I call a multi-post (except on steroids and growth hormone and with better grooming habits and no noisy computer fan in the background). I like to think that the trajectory of the book aims somewhere roughly between our internet users' penchant for a concentrated package of beguiling ephemera and as an introductory overview of the cultural wealth accessible from web archives for luddites.

Here's the book available from Amazon.

It just pleases me that this sort of thing is going on, and I'm delighted by BibliOdyssey's success. I don't have my copy yet, but Christmas is just around the corner, you know.

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Blogger peacay:

blatantly promotional
Ha! It would actually be blatantly promotional if we were to now add it as a plug on amazon or in comments on other sites, saying that it was a quote lifted from here!!

Thank you! (and I swear, it's a beautiful hardbacked book - I seriously do love it as a real product)

Blogger bluewyvern:

Geez...sorry, I should have thought to give you some original copy to quote elsewhere, but you said it so well. On the other hand, I haven't actually seen the book yet...I'll give you a nice testimonial when I get my copy. :)

Congrats on the book!

Blogger Princess Haiku:

Thanks for letting me know of BibliOdyssey's well deserved success. It is inspiring to see the way that people's blogs, lives and friendships can bloom.
Solstice Cheer

Blogger KatK:

Hello, I love reading your blog, and I have it linked on my blog's sidebar, as well as having you on my Technorati favorites list. Er, and I've also "tagged" you on my latest blog entry, at my katkmeanders WordPress blog. *smile* (Hopefully it'll bring more fans your way.)

Blogger bluewyvern:

Well, somebody heard my wish, and I got the book for Christmas...I can now affirm from first-hand experience that it's way cool.

KatK -- gosh, I'm terrible with memes. Forgive me for the delay? I will do it, I promise! Thanks for the tag. :)


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