Mechanical menageries

French sculptor Edouard Martinet uses scavenged materials to create his metal birds, bugs, and other critters. The resulting figures are surprisingly naturalistic and organic.
Via Bibi's Box.

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre is a traveling collection of automata by contemporary artists. Check out the "Artists" and "Exhibitions" categories for images. Of course, automata are best appreciated in motion: here's an animation of the naughty Honeymoon Bed.

What is it about insects and machines that makes them go together? Insect Lab pushes the concept with its creepy-cool, steampunkish mad science creations that fuse gears and springs to insect specimens, ranging from spiders and scorpions to beetles, dragonflies, and even butterflies. They're even for sale, should you be inclined to acquire one of these exquisite curiosities for your own wunderkammer.
Via Bibi's Box.

These insects are 100% machine, no nature here. And that goes for the dissected resin skulls, mechanical body parts, and other sinister posthuman devices with names like "External Video Eyeware Apparatus" and "Lethal Injection Attack Droid Prototype". That would be The Sculpture of Christopher Conte.
Via Bibi's Box.

Ann P. Smith's Robots don't look quite as ready to take over the world. They're charming, winsome animals, cobbled together from colorful spare parts and set in motion. The site includes videos of a few of the models in action.

More bugs -- the metal insects wrought by Ukrainian artist Andrew Severynko are twisted, hulking monstrosities, alien and menacing. He also sculpts a mean airship.

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Anonymous Maktaaq:

These are awesome! The Bibi link was also neat - discovered some Cambodian blog through it.

Anonymous Emma:

I remember seeing some kids in Laos treating big green shiny beetles as if they were clockwork toys - they had them zooming round on the end of strings. There's definitely something machine-like about insects even without added cogs...

Blogger bluewyvern:

I think I've seen that somewhere, too. Pretty cool-looking, but not something I'd want to pick up and play with, I think. Have to get your kicks where you can, I suppose.

Blogger Princess Haiku:

I can see "a sci fi New York future" after all the germs and storms have come and gone. The last 18 humans on earth encounter these extraordinary metal insects everywhere....

Blogger Capitán Langstrump:

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Blogger Princess Haiku:

Hello blue.......Hello. It's time to come in from the cold and post your new entry.
Loyal Reader,
Princess Haiku

Blogger bluewyvern:

Done and done.

I've got loads in the pipeline, really...it's all just a matter of somehow getting one to a state of completion!


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