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Chinese photographer Maleonn Ma uses a combination of breathtaking locations, masks, props, a dreamlike palette and a perfect sense of composition to create these imaginative, storytelling scenes. I was going to recommend some choice series, but on second thought, I couldn't possibly. See them all. Have patience with the chronically sluggish flash site and you will be rewarded. There are so many great ones that I'm going to allow myself an extra-large sample.
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Lilya Corneli's antiqued and distressed photographs and portraits of women, thickly textured like paintings, are like smoky fragments of another time.

I love Christina Ceppas's work. A commercial photographer with big-name corporate clients, she has a style that's fresh, clean, and beautiful. Her portfolio is divided into conceptual, fashion, lifestyle, and portrait galleries, and it's the first that holds the most gems, at least to my eye.

Desiree Dolron gets more attention for her creative artwork, particularly the evocative "Xteriors" series, than her larger body of documentary work -- in truth, everything she does is great, but those corridors of austere young women, like the sisterhood of some surreal nunnery, are undeniably haunting.

Zena Holloway is a talented underwater photographer who does primarily commercial work, in addition to an underwater portrait studio for babies. Beautiful, fluid shots in a quintessentially alien and challenging environment.

Chris Anthony is a commercial and private photographer whose style is firmly entrenched in the dark, romantic gothic camp. Don't miss his excellent wide-format "Victims and Avengers" series.

Mitya Kushelevich has some nice fashion photography as well as some portraits, divided into a number of series such as "City Jungle" and "Duality".
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Blogger Princess Haiku:


Blogger Antonia:

yes I agree with the princess. entirely. such a great selection of photographs and you have such a beautiful blog with such a beautiful name. I like the black woman of the Chris Anthony photographs most, she has such a disconcerting look, but at the same time she also looks bright, clear, awake, very intelligent.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Thank you both for your kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Blogger Cyan:

These are fantastic! Thank you very much for sharing them.

Zena Holloway reminds me a little bit of Howard Schatz. You may enjoy his work as well.


Blogger Princess Haiku:

I have nominated your for a "Thinking Blogger Award." The info is on my page.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Cyan: Thanks for the link! I do like his work indeed, there's a lot of nice stuff there. I especially liked the bodypaint work, and the underwater shots were very cool.

Haiku: I am honored, thank you. Of course the real reward is the enthusiasm and participation of a passionate reader like you. So doubly thanks. :)

Anonymous Chad:

Ha. This was fantastic! I thought of America's Next Top Mime in the Maleonna Ma collection. Dumb and silly but it made me laugh.

Blogger Princess Haiku:

Hi Again,
These are certainly worth reviewing and little by little I am exploring your archives.

Anonymous julie:

These are just gorgeous. I particularly liked Maleon Ma's work .... photography as theatre at it's best.

Blogger lotusgreen:

you have such an interesting eye

Anonymous orangeguru:

Nice selection. I am always keen to explore asian or african art, because these artists more often offer new 'views', different symbolism and compositions.

Thanks for sharing.

Blogger roby:

fantastic collection of links. thanks


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