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Su Blackwell does exquisite book-cut artwork, crafting woods of words, making a tea party spring from the pages of Alice, growing gardens of paper flowers, and other such magical transmutations.
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Thomas Allen does similar work, using pulp-fiction covers in place of the pages of children's tales. The excellent limited-focus photography gives these layered paper scenes a striking three-dimensional quality. (Be sure to click the arrows at the bottom to see the rest of the thumbnails.)

Daniel Essig does sculptural books, book sculptures, and intricate, Ethiopian-style Coptic bookbinding. Incorporating bones, shells, and fossils as well as awls, rusted nails, chains, and Gothic architectural elements, his work shares the aesthetics of a cathedral library and a cabinet of wonders.
Via The Endicott Studio.

Georgia Russell is a Scottish artist who shreds books meticulously with a scalpel, enhancing their meaning by giving them a new form. She also has other scalpel-cut works besides her books, like carved maps and portraits.
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Tara Bryan creates art books in unusual materials, bindings, and formats, with flaps, folds, tabs, ties, accordions, and other whimsical architecture. I especially like the drop-down "Down the Rabbit Hole", which progresses through a series of tunnels as you read.
Via hydrocephalicbunny.

Zybooks is a nice website devoted to artist books, with event listings, ongoing projects, and mail art in addition to galleries of excellent works. Here's a sample of the artists featured there:

Nicola Dale

Leah Oates

Steve McPherson

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Blogger Rose Red:

Great entry - great blog, actually. I really love your stuff, I may have to steal some of it...

Blogger bluewyvern:

Thank you! Feel free, it's all to share.

Anonymous alice simpson:

Great site. Su Blackwell's exquisite books took sixty years off my life!

Blogger bluewyvern:

alice: You had me concerned -- for a moment I was afraid you meant it had aged you by 60 years! I hope it's the opposite, and yes -- her work really is marvellous.

Anonymous Anonymous:

Just when I thought it was impossible to find art-books, you produce the perfect post! Lovely.

Blogger Miss F:

thanks for sharing these, bluewyvern... your blog never ceases to delight and amaze me....

Blogger Princess Haiku:

Great post, original, aesthetically pleasing. I love tea also and have a post on a great new tea cafe in Berkeley. You might find it interesting. Just ordered up some new oolong too and wish I could share a cup with my favorite bloggers.

Anonymous Anonymous:

a visually stimulating post; a blog with a rare aesthetic; beautiful and captivating ...

and I echo the thievery comment as I have been known to be somewhat light fingered myself ...

self-avowed student of fine poetry, fine papers and fine books....

Blogger Princess Haiku:

Thank you for introducing me to artistic books; very interesting.

Anonymous Chad:

I really like the James Dean looking one.

Blogger adam:

what a great quality post... :)

Anonymous Anonymous:

I wish if i can share my art reserch portal and painting website with you.



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