Food sculpture

Two galleries of egg sculpture by Christel Assante: a gallery of six images and photos from a convention with a few more pieces. Beautiful.

The Egg Man, carved and sculpted egg shells by Ron Cheruka. He uses many different kinds of eggs including emu, ostrich, rhea, and more delicate eggs like duck, goose, and pheasant, both carved and filigreed.
Via Le Web...et le reste.

The Amazing Chinese Art of Watermelon Carving.

The Art of Food Carving is an album of anonymous carved pieces. Most of them appear to be water and other melons, and as for the rest I'm just not sure. They also seem to be by the same artist, so if anyone can identify the work, please let me know.

Food is Art showcases the work of chocolate sculptor Prudence Emma Staite, including sculptures of people and scenes, playable games from checkers to jenga, wearable jewelry (I think I'd stay away from that), and even a life-sized chocolate room complete with chocolate chandeliers and sugar wallpaper (described as "lickable"!).

A collection of great ice sculpture from various fairs and exhibitions.

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Blogger John Tiniakos:

Love those food sculptures.

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Blogger boinky:


Blogger Federico Díaz Mastellone:

Very interesting post.

... and thanks for the linkage ;)

Anonymous Chad:

Hey... this post is awesome. It is mesmorizing and yet you totally want some over easy eggs and some watermelon on the side. Chocolate scupltures are really becoming popular as well. I reemember sometime last month watching this show about worldly food and art, where they had this chocolate archetect and artist. One thing that was amazing is she made a full room sized castle along with she had made this Xena-esque costume with flaps and all for an auction of some sort. Tre Neato.


Anonymous Chad:

sorry i cant spell this evening.

Anonymous Anonymous:

i love this post, i am looking at food sculpting for my next project however i am really disturbed that this is the first site i brought up and the sculptor is Prudence Emma- my first and second name... ive only ever met one other Prudence so this is odd...
BTW the watermellons are amazing!
Prudence Emma

Blogger MD Encolpius:

yeah,this stuff is really great !

Blogger Nom:

Do you know the source of the watermelon and other melon art?

Blogger bluewyvern:

Nom: I don't, sorry. I always try to find out if I can, but the source in this case was just a collection of unascribed works. If anyone has more information about artists or sources -- for this post or any other -- I'd always be happy to hear.

Anonymous Anonymous:

it looks like the work of James Parker, he has a website called veggyart.com and his stuff is pretty awesome :) another food artist that should be on the list is Saxton Freymann - he did childrens books and his work is quite funny :P


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