Coziness in a cup

In need of a good place for a cup of tea and a think? Look no further.

There's something about this blog I really like. It's just a collection of pictures and brief commentary about a series of pubs and cafes -- the decor, the atmosphere, the patrons, and, of course, the tea. There's nothing fancy about them, just a bunch of simple, cosy establishments. The tone is thoroughly cheerful, contented, and as British as the Queen.

How many millions of happy cups of tea must these little pots have served. Warm and worn.

All the sandwiches present and correct. Cheese. Ham. Cheese and ham. But look at that tempting cakery. Must have some of those.

White mug. Brown tea. Yellow table. All is right with the world.

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Anonymous Chad:

That place in Regent's Park needs to feel its ketchup bottles!


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