Nights at the circus

The Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva is a beautiful and enchanting dance performed by twenty-one members of the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe; all of the dancers are deaf.
Via The Athanasius Kircher Society.

Greg Kennedy, the Innovative Juggler, performs nifty juggling tricks with unusual props and setups. Google Video has Juggling in an Inverted Cone, plus a few short clips from his stage performances, including the very cool Boxes. Many more on YouTube.
Via Wohba!.

A very flexible gymnast.
Via Look At This....

Crazy Bike is a sort of acrobatic performance of ballet-on-a-bicycle, stunning talent displayed on the modest stage of a high-school gym.

Quebec performer Michel Lauzière uses a variety of unorthodox instrumentation to perform familiar tunes. In the first video, he plays Mozart's Symphony No. 40 with wine bottles, on rollerblades. In the second, he performs a selection of tunes in a bike-horn jumpsuit, and the third is a series of clips of his other performances, including some wineglass music and non-musical antics with some kind of strange yellow balloon.
Via A Sweet, Familiar Dissonance.

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Anonymous orangeguru:


People do weird stuff. Thanks for that amusing collection.

Blogger bluewyvern:

They do indeed.

Glad to see you still around, orange! :)

Blogger Princess Haiku:

You have posted some unique performance art. Very cool.

Anonymous ToastedGhost:

Absolutely brilliant collection of clips, Thank you so mch for sharing these gems with us. Some of the clips left me sore from laughing.
I am a professional clown myself and I am familiar with some of the routines but they are performer so excellently they had me laughing my socks off.
Great entertainment and pur cicus at its best!




Anonymous orangeguru:

Not dead ... yet. ;-)

Your are doing some great postings - that's why I keep coming!


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