Extraordinary artists

1. The Child Prodigy.

Akiane is eleven years old...and her gallery has stunning images going back to when she was four. Her art is often religiously themed and even heavily moralistic -- see her commentary on "Family" (the trio of leopards - age eleven), for instance -- and I find myself wishing that she would set the preaching aside and just focus on her extraordinary talent. Still, some of her religiously inspired paintings are quite, well, inspired -- I find myself strangely drawn to "The Forbidden Fruit" (age ten) in particular. She is definitely a very skilled and articulate young woman.
Via A Sweet, Familiar Dissonance.

2. The Memory Painter.

Franco Magnani had never painted before he decided one to try to set down the images he had been seeing of his natal village of Pontito, Italy. After years of absence, he was able to recall and recreate the childhood locales of prewar Pontito in impressive detail.
Via the Athanasius Kircher Society.

3. The Blind Photographer.

Evgen Bavcar has been blind since his childhood, but that does not prevent him from making truly exquisite photographs that he will never see.

He carves out most of his images from the dark of night with the help of portable lights, the better to control all visual parameters: Each photo I create must be perfectly ordered in my head before I shoot. I hold the camera to my mouth in order to photograph those I speak to. Autofocus helps me, but I can manage on my own: it is simple, my hands measure the distance and the rest is achieved by the desire for images that inhabits me. Although he requires assistance to produce his icons (traditionally, icons are representations of the invisible) he is no mere intellectual author, for he concerns himself even with the simplest technical details. Whilst shooting, the philosopher-photographer favors the guidance of children, and he likes to review his results on the basis of various verbal descriptions.
Via the Athanasius Kircher Society.

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Anonymous Chad:

I love the autofocus pictures. I did that kind of stuff in my senior photography class. I don't know if you know where Djong's jewelers is on Broadway but I took a picture of the lights in the black background of the front window and with the reflection it looked like it went back like 10 rows. It was neat.

Blogger Princess Haiku:

I know of a very old man; nearly blind with who made an artistic stone fence with irregular shaped rocks, pieces of glass and other materials. I asked him why he made it as he couldn't see much of it himself and he said that the making of art, made him, who he was, and that his interior vision was excellent.

Blogger Kellie C:

I have some work of my own and am still updating my page. Of fae work mostly. It's all my original works. Would you be kind enough to review it and maybe post it?

Faery Artwork-COME SEE!!

Thank You,
Kellie Delacroix


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