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Why haven't I been posting lately? Because I finally got my new Zen Vision:M to play with (not such a big deal to most people, but I've never had an mp3 player before), and I have found full-time employment in the task of organizing and tagging my music collection. And, incidentally, expanding it, since I've discovered how much I love certain music blogs, particularly Aurgasm and Motel de Moka, which know exactly what I like. And right now is the season for holiday mixes, so I thought I'd share a little of what I found.

At Podbop, you can sample a couple of Crazy Christmas Mixes: I enjoyed "Sans Ho Ho Ho" and "Carol of the Bells" with multiple versions of my favorite Christmas song. (And don't forget to watch the video in that post, too -- it's spectacular.)

For something a little different, another great version of the carol, acid house style, by DJ Demonixx can be found at The Pop View.

Covert Curiosity has a few songs off the album Christmas Remixed, which gives some classic holiday tunes a chill, kind of funky beat.

Thanks to indispensible elbo.ws, I have been able to (re)discover my love for the music from A Charlie Brown Christmas. I especially love "Skating" -- it's a pity the track is so short.

And perhaps my favorite: Christmas at Moka, Motel de Moka's mix of warm, holiday jazz. Don't miss "Suave Corridor" and "Amsterdam Blue". Great moody mix.

Also, if you're traveling for the holidays, Motel de Moka has a smooth travel mix, too: Music for Airport in December.

That's it for now -- more next year. Enjoy the tunes, and happy holidays from Blue Tea.



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hope you had a great holiday! happy new year!!!


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